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Dabgram-Fulbari Zilla Parishad T.M.C. won, BJP accused the TMC of rigging.

Siliguri, May 18:  In Rajgunj, on Thursday night, the BJP has accused the TMC party of creating a big disturbance in the counting of votes. The BJP says that the polling centre was beaten up by TMC supporters, its agents were taken out of the calculation centre. Bhajpa imposed this ramp on Trinamool Congress Although Trinamool Congress has denied the allegations. The BJP says that the Dabgram-Fulbari District  BJP nominee Alok Sen was running ahead of many seats from the Trinamool Congress candidate Devvashish Pramanik. At that time Trinamool Congress entered the Poona Vahini counting centre and showed the pistol and drove the BJP agent out of the counting centre. The whole incident happened in front of the police. But the police stood as a silent spectator. However, at the end of the count, Trinamool Congress candidate Devvashish Pramanik won the elections by a huge margin.

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