Fluctuations in the rates of Petrol and Diesel

Siliguri 9th January : The major fluctuations in the prices of petrol and diesel in many metropolitan cities have been recorded. In Delhi, the Petrol prices had decreased to Rs 68.50 a litre. The petrol prices had fallen down  70 per litre mark in many cities. 

 Prices of petrol in Kolkata is Rs 70.64 per litre.
 Prices of petrol in Mumbai is Rs 74.16 per litre.

   Fluctuations are being recorded in the prices of  Diesel prices as well.

 Prices of diesel in Kolkata is Rs 64.01 per litre.
 Prices of diesel in Delhi is Rs 62.24 per litre.
 Prices of diesel in Mumbai is Rs 65.12 per litre.

 Petrol and diesel prices are revised on a daily basis, determined broadly by rupee-dollar foreign exchange rates and global crude oil. rates.
Prices of petrol in Siliguri  is Rs 72.921 per litre and Diesel Prices of Diesel in Siliguri is Rs 66.058.

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